Women in hollywood infographic


My goal for this infographic was to show how unbalanced female roles in Hollywood films and production are compared to male roles. The study I found compared data from the top-100 grossing movies each year from 2007-2012. In my infographic I showed how women’s speaking roles compare to men’s speaking roles in 2012 by the pie chart on the right side. I also showed how women’s roles in film production (writing, producing and directing) using symbols shaped like Oscar trophies. For each data visualization I also wrote the percentages in bold so they would catch the eye automatically. Lastly, I made a line graph depicting the percentage of females in each role (acting, writing, directing and producing) for each year (2007-2012). I put the line chart at the bottom of my infographic to give a general overview of the data and to show that women have made little or no progress in Hollywood in the last five years.